With the situation in the markets, and especially the labor market, the companies that are hiring (or making internal promotions) have changed the requirements that they ask of candidates who are going to form part of group C (CHIEF).  It is not that before they did not ask for these, but rather that if previously they were key requirements for the winner now they are key requirement for the job.

These required ingredients are very difficult to measure and their detection is based on the capacity of the headhunter to see them and to evaluate them based on their experience in multiple businesses and sectors, but once the technical knowledge necessary to be a CHIEF has been acquired, they are indispensable for forming part of this group.

I will make a list based on experience with clients and their demands. My recommendation is that if someone intends to enter as part of the group C, it would be a good idea to improve them and use them, independently of whether he aspires to be a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer or any other C:

  1. You must understand the company’s business, its strategy, the market in which it acts but above all its VALUE PROPOSITION in the new position.
  2. You must have projective vision so that you perceive or envision FUTURE scenarios, you evaluate them and you make them probable.
  3. You must be able to find opportunities and new lines of business, you must ADD VALUE continually: limiting yourself to manage the company’s available resources is not sufficient
  4. You must tie your remuneration to the success and contributions that you make to your new company and position. You have to be continuously PROFITABLE. Past successes do not ensure future profitability, and hence if you are sure of yourself and the value that you provide, you should not hesitate to make variable retribution a priority.
  5. You must be able to ADAPT and CHANGE each day of the week, while at the same time being SUSTAINABLE.
  6. You must be QUICK: never, and today least of all, can we wait to make decisions. The best manager is the one who makes the right decision in the least possible time. By waiting to have more information you delay the achieving of objectives, and you will almost never have all the information.
  7. You must be AVAILABLE, the environment, the ideas and the competition do not understand specific timetables.
  8. You must be inclined to work in a COMMUNITY and not in a team. Not only in your company.  You are in a more ample economic environment composed of many individuals from direct interlocutors to others from different sectors, markets or positions, and you must interact with all of them.
  9. You must be MODEST and a GOOD PERSON, with an open, tolerant, generous, decent and fair character. Personal blemishes in this regard make it difficult to fulfill ALL the previous points.

10.  Finally, you must be emotionally self-sufficient. PERSONAL MOTIVIATION is necessary for the continuous changes and the previous requirements. Each day is a new project.

Do you want to be one of GROUP C? 10 ingredients

to achieve this.

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