After having met Ferran Soriano for breakfast, (someone about whom Jordi Pujol said in March: “In this moments of low fog, we must place people like Soriano on the forefront; and in accordance with this, projects with future hope like Spanair”, one goes out the street feeling like scoring goals. The view Ferran Soriano has got about managing high-performance people has two points of reference: In Fútbol Club Barcelona ( during his time as one of the main executives in the team and in the consulting company Diamond Cluster International ( as a partner during its launch, its growing and its further sale.

Obviously, the references about the world of football were constant; Soriano highlighted the one fact: what companies really need are strong and united teams. In order to get that, he defined the next formula, which represents what every people’s manager must take into account today when it comes to creating a winner team of professionals:


Self-motivation is absolutely vital. It actually is the key which triggers the will to carry out a project and this can be seen in the commitment that each one of the members of the team shows for it; it is just the will to do it right. In order to make the team work, there must be a balance between all its members. This means that the team must have each one’s duties absolutely defined and all of their members must accept these responsibilities as the best possible ones for the management of the team. Self-knowledge is a plus; to give you an example of what I mean: Ronaldinho and Eto’o may be the best examples. When you add talent to the will of creating and to the will of cohesion, you clearly increase the chances for success. The best example of what I mean is the F.C. Barcelona team itself.

It is important to point out that none of these cases needs money as a way to get commitment. This is a hygienic factor: if you don’t have it, it destabilizes, but if you have it, it does not foster commitment among your team. The pay has to be fair and must be managed proactively by the company.

The role of the trainer / manager as the main team coordinator has its real value and must be adapted to the team’s conditions wherever possible. He must know its members and must have clear ideas about their motivations and talents so he can make the most of them all. Although it is hard to put this into practice, some examples may be Rijkaard, Van Gaal or Mourinho.

In conclusion; Soriano, in a simple and pleasant way, captured the main elements a good manager must take into account. He reminded me of a famous Human Resources guru in the 1990’s, CHARLES HANDY, best known for his book “The elephant and the flea”, with regard to the next


Energy – Emotion – Enthusiasm – Effort – Effervescence – Empathy – Election

as the strengths which make us get the commitment and the balance from a team.

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