Gesdocument y Gestión S.A. was born in 1985 with the aim to provide outsourcing services for companies to have an easier management of their companies.
This company has become a landmark when it comes to providing outsourced professional services. Its business organization is as follows:

Business Management Consultancy: Gesdocument offers solutions for the management, ongoing improvement and better organization of companies.
Tax Accounting Consultancy: providing support for companies on their daily activities, making it easier for them to handle their tax obligations, maintaining their accounts and managing their administration.
Labour Consultancy: Gesdocument provides solutions for the outsourcing of the Personnel administration. We prepare working contracts, do the payroll, settlements and cost summaries.
Trading Consultancy: management and proceedings of notary documentation.
Global Mobility Solutions: Gesdocument also provides solutions for companies when it comes to hiring foreign employees, helping the different companies with tax, legal and management aspects of their hiring.

Due to the growing demand in the Human Resources field, Gesdocument launches GD Human Capital, firm which specializes in headhunting and personnel recruiting.
Currently, Gesdocument, with Headquarters in Barcelona, also has offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia, and a total of around 120 employees.

Gesdocument and technology
Our company, always innovative and committed with the development of new technologies, has made up a virtual centre of information. In its website, users can find all the information regarding news about law, general regulations and tax-paying calendars, as well as information about economy and legislation.