In my opinion, it’s now in style to speak of recruiting 2.0. Basically, it is a new form of combining supply and demand by using the advantages of the Internet. The selection has really changed a lot lately, and the famous notebooks we headhunters used to carry, filled with years of contacts, are now worthless. The Internet has changed the way recruiting is done. Now the game is at LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE +, etc. In principle, with the social networks, anyone can access the best database of talent, both for individuals actively searching, as well as those who were not looking for work initially, which was the traditional market of direct search or headhunting. The social networks have democratized headhunting by making it easy and available.

In the national recruiting market, intermediaries are appearing who use the social networks to offer specialized services in the publication of employment offers or in the search for talent, thanks to the current window that brings us other markets, especially the USA. They call these services 2.0. It also helps that the Spanish marketplace of employment offers has been taken over recently by INFOJOBS, and that, except for specific multi-nationals, these advances have displaced the companies. In the end it doesn’t help the crisis either.

In this business we have in Spain, for example, JOB & Talent, SN Talent and WISERI, among others. Each one has an income model more or less distinct, but each seeks a niche as a new channel for putting companies and individuals into contact with each other. I myself do not like to say candidates. These intermediaries use this new window supplied by the social networks to seek their market niche, by means of a more or less “technological” variant. In the end they don’t bring to Spain what they’ve been doing for years in the USA and the UK, and they use tools that in those markets have been created around the social networks.

As the director of a headhunting and staff selection company, (GD Human Capital), I view all these movements with satisfaction for being a better way of tightening and facilitating the communication between supply and demand of employment. It’s true, the headhunter must adapt to this situation and take advantage of it for the benefit of his clients. Now, in a quickly growing market, where we have various platforms with which to make an employment offer to our target market, we are more valuable as experts, in a different but stronger way.

In this universe of social networks we have a pure player in LINKEDIN, which has focused on this market exclusively by marketing various access account options for doing professional profile searches, going from marketing employment offers that display customized profiles to offering their star product, the RECRUITER tool. We save time using it, and both I myself as well as my team love it.

Google+ has yet to engage, so I won’t analyze it for now. Twitter is good for specific profiles and for making viral employment offers, strategic backup, see for example TWEET MY JOB. However, the one that is a world of opportunities for me is FACEBOOK and its world of specialized apps on recruiting launched in the USA and the UK. My favorite is BRANCH OUT, for now, a variation of Linkedin over FACEBOOK.

From here we go to WORK4US like the previous, BRAVE NEW TALENT, as the most focused social network, which in principle solved something lacking in LINKEDIN, TOP PROSPECT, which standardized the reference of people that may fit an employment offer and pay for it, JIBE, which facilitates processing of your network contacts to find work at the company you wish.

Lastly, in this entire universe we cannot leave aside employment portals like MONSTER, unlike INFOJOBS, which has launched its own social network BE KNOWN on FACEBOOK, or the curious ESCAPE THE CITY, which offers employment in exotic places for people who are bored with their current jobs.  Within this huge mass of tools it is important to note the dashboards, for example ZIP RECRUITING, which facilitates the placement of employment offers on different portals. It still hasn’t appeared on the Spanish market, but it is useful to us for multi-country international searches, or the specialty in processing employment and recruitment offers taken to the cloud on ZOHOO. It’s an opportunity for beginning recruiters who cannot afford tools of their own, or customized ones or the most sophisticated version of TRIBEPAD. Also worth mentioning are the portals known as MASHup, which in Spain, due to the narrowness of the market, are still in development, INDEED, SIMPLED HIRED or TROVIT and those which, in my JOBILINK project, I hope have some play due to being a version of the semantic search they are now calling 3.0. We’ll see if I find an investor.

We’re in a new, passionate scene, where there is no clear road we’re all traveling together, and that I enjoy every day. THANKS TO EVERYONE AND I WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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