Talent is something scarce and those who have it must use it, while for entrepreneurs, whether you have it or not, you must look for it. This simple sentence describes what is going on at the headquarters of many Human Resources Departments in many multinationals around the world.

The aforementioned statement, together with a mix of the Gospel of Matthew 25: 14-30 and the thinking of the economist Israel Kirzner is what I lived last week at THE FUTURE OF RECRUITMENT seminar. There, I could make sure, just in case somebody had any doubt, of one thing: companies look and fight for the most talented candidates wherever they may be and, since talented candidates are just a few gifted ones who can choose where to work, companies are applying marketing techniques in their recruiting. They look for what makes the difference between them and their competitors, highlighting the qualities of their strengths so they can attract talented candidates no matter how developed their abilities are. Nothing better to express this than showing some of the cases we saw at the seminar.

 ADIDAS GROUP. 40,000 employees. 4 Prime brands. More than 170 spots and 2,000 official stores.

 In order to attratct talent, Adidas focuses on candidates as the most important thing, playing their chips on simplicity and global integration of their systems, which allow for this policy to be sustainable and able to be applied consistently and without excuses.

Working for the Adidas Group means more than just having a job; Adidas is the place where you have the opportunity to shape the future of sport with your daily work. With this motto, Adidas delivers a clear message to its candidates, who are committed with sport, who are unique and who are going to take part in the transformation of this market together with a leader brand which truly has the power and the will to do it. Branding here is really powerful and it does get feedback since its candidates are also consumers of its products.

GOOGLE. 20,000 Googlers in more than 60 spots in 20 countries.

What can we say about a company which attracts talent like no other? They get more than 1,000,000 job applications a year and just a few thousand of them become Googlers; GENERATION Y, this millennium generation is its main source of talent. They have an offer which adds value for candidates and really is unbeatable, it is a challenge. At Google, you will be able to solve tough problems, you will have fun, you will innovate every day and we’ll make you a better person.

 To get this attraction:

  • They strengthen the brand from the outside with a different and challenging point of view.
  • They also keep on strengthening the brand internally.
  • The policy applied in the hiring process is very strict. It is based on the consensus, as Human Resources recruiters do not make the decision on their own; there are many people who decide and data is the decision making element.
  • They publish how their favourite candidates should be, what they should have in terms of the best technical skills, a successful academic background, high score in the tests, useful professional experience, having faced challenges successfully, having great references and finally, having a perfect fit in the Google culture.
  • Data and its measure (Glooglegeist) as well as its communication are their tools.

 “Talented people are attracted to Google because we empower them to change the world; Google has large computational resources and distribution that enables individuals to make a difference. Our main benefit is a workplace with important projects, where employees can contribute and grow. We are focused on providing an environment where talented, hard working people are rewarded for their contributions to Google and for making the world a better place.” This was the founding letter of Google back in 2004.

 SIEMENS. 405,000 employees in more than 190 countries.

 The variety in the Siemens business makes blending in the search for talent absolutely necessary if they want to be successful.

The use one and only one branding because they are a global employer. The message and the appearance are the same all over the world. They want to create a brand which could be appreciated and wanted as an employer through an excellent recruiting practice. In order to get that, they have centralised all their recruiting operation system and professional careers policy in one only web that has been created just for that: http://www.siemens.com/jobs/en/index.php.

Candidates must feel and get what their branding promises. The recruitment platform is transparent for recruiters in Siemens all over the world as well as it is for candidates.

They have created the Siemens Graduate Program which is the star tool for the attraction of talent. It is basically a 24-month program with three rotation groups of 8 months abroad each for employees.

Just like Google, they have a strong focus on the so-called Y generation and they aim at becoming stronger at universities so this policy can really be sustainable in time, once candidates have finished their degrees.

HP.  300,000 employees in 170 countries with 88,000 selling spots.

 HP has focused on how to recruit and hire the best talent for those key positions (Pivotal Roles). In order to get that, they have implemented an accurate and robust methodology which allows for finding the right candidate, indentifying him and recruiting him / her. The recruitment process is vital since they are using several evaluation techniques during the process which compares all candidates with the best profile they have at HP for that particular position. Engagement is just one of the variables that are considered the most valuable, once the technical level test has been passed.

 Through this system, HP aims at improving their hiring process while being more efficient in the search for talent so the whole thing becomes more productive at a reasonable price. The evaluation of the data that has been obtained in the process is very important for the final decision.

 In short: all companies aim at creating a powerful brand image as an employer trying to stand out from the others and they all try to add value to their offers, customising talented candidates in order to attract them and get their real engagement.

 Felipe Santiago

TALENT = finders, keepers.

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