The current management of the Marketing Mix, which appeared in 1953, took us from the 4 P (Product – Promotion – Position – Price)  of the ‘60’s to the 4C (Consumer – Communication – Convenience – Cost/Benefit)  of the ’90, and now we have to move on to the 4D. (Differentiated solution – Dialogue – Disponibility – Dynamics).

DIFFERENTIATED SOLUTION: In order to triumph on the market it is no longer enough to think only about the product and the consumers’ needs. We must also be different. The best form to achieve a differentiated solution is to think of solutions that are complete due to the difficulty of implementing, sustaining and copying them. To this end it is necessary to find a differentiated solution that is complete, not only for one need but for the whole set of needs, from the most intimate, which are unknown even to the consumer himself, to those farthest from the main core. The more complete the solution the more different it is from the competitors. I am not selling a vaccination: I am selling a medical solution that includes the vaccination, the positive experience, the medical care and all its consequences: missing a day of work, insurance, logistics, etc. I am not selling an airplane ticket, but rather a transportation solution to get from one place to another.  I am not selling a newspaper but rather a culture and leisure solution.  I am not selling a screw, but rather a do-it-yourself solution.  I am not selling bread, I am selling a nourishment and health solution.

DIALOGUE: Communicating, informing and persuading the customer is not enough, if we already have a solution, the differential factor is to have a dialogue with our potential interlocutors: we are at the same level, we go one step beyond the promotion of communication and information. No one is in power: by engaging in dialogue, we promote understanding of the proposed solution.  The new technologies make this possible.

DISPONIBILITY: We have already moved past distribution channels and points of sale, etc. The hybrid purchase models, off-line and on-line have permitted us to move beyond the place and moment at which this ware/service can be acquired to the convenience of acquiring it when it is to the consumer’s/user’s advantage. Now we have to go one step further, we do not speak of a product/service or packages of these, now the challenge is to provide them with a solution. The higher the degree of complexity, the higher the profits and the differentiation.

DYNAMICS OF VALUES: I’m not interested in the price, we can manipulate it, predict it, vary it, maximize it, etc., in a fraction of a second. I’m not interested in the individual cost/benefit ratio of my business/project. I’m interested in the value generated by the solution for all participating agents, whether they are investors, employees, users, society, etc. We insert quantitative elements and non-quantitative elements into the equation. Every solution, if it really is a solution, has a value that can be measured, and the more value it adds as a whole, the more differentiated, and better, the solution.

©Felipe Santiago. Ideas on Management.

The new MARKETING MIX, the 4 D

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